The Imperial Court of Massachusetts (ICMA) is a 501(c)(3) that was founded in 1995.  ICMA is a fundraising organisation that prides itself on putting the "FUN" back in Fundraising. ICMA's main goal is to raise money for their beneficiaries. 


The ICMA is a proud member of the International Imperial Court System. The ICS has almost 70 chapters in the US, Canada and Mexico. Each chapter acts as an autonomous entity guided by the Imperial Court Council and Empress Nicole the Great, Queen Mother of the Americas. Member Courts of the International Imperial Court System are hybrids of European monarchies. Courts respectfully fashion themselves accordingly and adopt the titles and ranks associated within one monarchy, i.e. United Kingdom, Czarist Russia, French, etc. For its model, the Imperial Court of Massachusetts loosely adopts the monarchy of the United Kingdom. The ICMA is governed by a privy council that answers to the general membership.

What makes ICMA different from other fundraising organizations?  In ICMA, we do care who you, but who want to be. No matter your gender, gender identity, or sexuality, there is a place in the ICMA for you. The most important thing we do is finding new and creative ways to give back to our communities. Through this, we have made lasting friendships with other individuals who are committed to having fun and bringing out the best in each of us. Join us on this journey. The fun is only just beginning!

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Mailing Address

The Royal Commonwealth Society, Inc.
Imperial Court of Massachusetts
198 Tremont Street

Suite 509

Boston, MA, 02116


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