Empress Emerita

Crystal Crawford St. John

Empress IV

Verna Turbulence



The Imperial Court of Massachusetts (ICMA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that prides itself on giving back to the community. We are a chapter of the International Imperial Court System (IICS), which has more than 70 chapters across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.


The New England area was known as the Imperial Court of New England, later divided into the Imperial Court of Rode Island (ICRI) and the ICMA, when Emperor and Empress III of New England Ralph Martino and BB Hayes names Jack Murphy Baron I of MA. Until 1996 the ICMA was known as Barony when it was legally incorporated as “The Royal Commonwealth Society Inc..”

In January of 2001, the IICS officially granted “Empire” status, which allowed Barron and Baroness V Kevin D. of The Far East and Crystal Crawford to be elected that April as the first Emperor and Empress I elect of the ICMA.

During the reign of Emperor and Empress IV Peter George and Verna Turbulence, the bar for fundraising was set high. They put their best foot forward, raising thousands of dollars throughout their reign. One of the most successful fundraisers still do this day is Verna Turbulence's Drag Brunch, which has become a proverbial rite of passage each spring, raising thousands of dollars in a single day. 


In 2010 the membership had lost its luster for fundraising and voted to go on a hiatus. A few years later, in 2014, the ICMA voted to re-open when Empress IV Verna Turbulence was bestowed with the title Queen Mother and Protector of The Realm by Queen Mother I of the Americas Nicole The Great.


Upon re-opening the ICMA, we helped our members from the western part of the state open their own chapter of the organization, The Imperial Court of Western Massachusetts (ICWMA).


Later in November of 2014, Nicole The Great officially crowned Verna Turbulence Queen Mother and Protector of The Realm and invested Imperial Crown Prince and Princes Noah Von Ark and Lakia Mondale Emperor and Empress XI of Massachusetts.


This put the fire of inspiration back into the membership that drives our fundraising passion today.

Empress XI

Lakia Mondale 

Emperor I

Kevin D of the Far East 

Emperor IV

Peter George

Emperor XI

Noah VonArk