Her Imperial Majesty,


The Dazzling Dior Diamond, Empress IV of Massachusetts

Queen Mother of Massachusetts and Protector of the Realm and Imperial Court Council Member.


  • Empress 12 1/2 of Rhode Island

  • Empress 16 1/2 of Rhode Island

  • Empress 13 1/2 of San Antonio

  • Empress 2005 1/2 of Connecticut

  • Empress 23 1/2 of New York

  • Empress 19 1/2 of New York

  • Empress XX 1/2 of Toronto

  • Empress XV 1/4 of San Antonio 

  • Empress XXX 1/2 of Kentucky




  • Founder, The Triple D's Society.

  • The Society of Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo (New York City)

  • The Celtic Society (New York City)

  • The Greek Key Society (Massachusetts)

  • The Society of the Rose and Dove (New York)

  • The Society of the Crown and Scepter (Massachusetts)

  • The Schiapparelli Society (New York City)

  • The Treasure Chest Society (Rhode Island)

  • The Rhinestone Ear Society (Connecticut)

  • The Scorpian Society (Las Vegas)

  • The LIPS Society (New York)

  • The Sapphire Martini Society (Iowa)

  • Keana's Gangsta Bitches (San Antonio)

  • The Pretty Panty Society (Conencticut)

  • Golden F.O.R.K. Society (New York)

  • The Sexy Legs of the GOOMA Society (New York)

  • "La Casa De Milagros" - The House of Miracles (San Antonio)

  • Royal Association of the Emperor's Women (Rhode Island)

  • Midnight Gothic Gryphon Society- The Guardian of the Gate (Rhode Island)

  • The Semi-Floosie Hotsie-Totsie Society (Rhode Island)

  • The Golden FORF Society (New York)

  • Purple Moon Society (Massachsuetts) 


My society will be known as the Society of the Triple D’s, and despite the obvious connection, it has nothing to do with former Empresses from Rhode Island.
The Triple D’s stand for “Dazzling Dior Diva’s” and embrace at least three of the following ideals:

  • Dazzling

  • Dynamic

  • Dramatic

  • Diplomatic

  • Devoted

  • Divine

  • And just Damn Fine!

For their parts, the inductees to my society have all impressed me with their overall presence and deportment, both in Drag and out—showing a true sense of style and graciousness to all, and most importantly, the entertaining both either on stage or off. It is with great pleasure and a sense of honor that I induct the following members to my society:

  • Nicole Diamond, of Kentucky

  • Plum Vicious, of Toronto

  • Cassandra Fiore’, of Connecticut

  • Lita Austin, of New York

  • Anne Tique, of New York

  • Demi-tasse, of New York

  • Trai-la Trash, of New York

  • Jazzmine Taylor, of Rhode Island

  • The Lovely Suzanne, of Portland

  • Corvette, of Massachusetts

  • David Santapaola, of Connecticut

  • Truly Scrumptious, of Cincinnati

  • Robin Kradles, of New York

  • Jezebel, of Connecticut

  • I.C.P. Margie, of Rhode Island

  • Paris Idean, of Massachusetts

  • Gefil Teffish, of New York

  • Amanda Stragg, or Massachusetts

  • Bitsy Vanderbilt, of Toronto

  • Penny Candy, of New York

  • Morganna Deluxe, of Connecticut

  • Eve Adams, of Massachusetts

E-mail: dfauchercouture@verizon.net - Phone Number: 857-488-0078 

Verna Turbulance


imperial court of Massachusetts